Hair Type 

  • Hair loss

    In order to effectively counteract hair loss, specific products that help hair follicles grow strong and sturdy need to be used on a regular basis. Learn more about Science’s anti-hair loss treatments. 

  • Hair with dandruff

    Dandruff is one of the most common beauty problems that jeopardize skin’s health. It can also be a major factor in hair loss. Identify your type of dandruff and choose the right treatment for you.

  • Greasy skin and hair

    Seborrhea on skin and hair, aside from jeopardizing your beauty, is considered one of the main causes of Seborrheic Alopoecia (hair loss). Greasy hair needs to be treated very carefully and gently. See below for suggestions and remedies offered by Science for a thorough and effective treatment: 

  • Brittle hair,...

    Collagen, the most important of our skin’s proteins, is fundamental in an effective remedy for sensitive scalps and brittle hair. Learn about the characteristics and the benefits of Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen and try Science treatments for healthy skin and stronger hair. 

  • Thin white hair...

    Oxidation with the formation of free radicals is the main cause of thin, white hair without volume. Science research laboratories have created a Treatment with Sabila (Aloe Barbadensis) that repairs, hydrates and revitalizes hair shaft by protecting and enhancing the intensity of hair’s natural colour. Learn about the Colour Treatment.   

  • Hair with highlights,...

    Have colour, dyes and permanents weakened your skin and ruined your hair? If you don’t want to go without your technical treatments, try Science’s Protective Permanent Colour Treatment with SEDACOMPLEX: a rich combination of active ingredients with extraordinary regenerative power! Discover the line of specific products to use to protect your hair and restore its Keratin, nutrients and beauty. 

  • Sensitive skin,...

    If you need to wash your hair every day,then the Neutral Shampoo – Gentle Therapy is the right product for you. Learn about the characteristics and the benefits of selected ingredients that make this shampoo particularly suited to even the most delicate skin: that of children.  

  • Damaged hair, detangler

    Did you know that wet hair should never be combed without the use of a specific product? Science has analysed treatments that combine detangling with reconstruction and the result is: your hair becomes instantly gorgeous!

  • Stressed hair, split ends

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