RAYCOMB, the innovative Hair Massager at a special price!

Take advantage of this special offer and with your purchase of the Tonic Treatment with Adenosine in vials, you will receive RAYCOMB at an exceedingly convenient price.

Raycomb is the innovative brush that stimulates physiological hair growth. Its extraordinary effectiveness is based upon the combination of three functions that can be used in synergy or individually: Photobiomodulation, Micro-vibrational Massage, and Ion Mode.

Raycomb also optimises the application of Science treatments in lotion format (Tonic Treatment with Adenosine, Energizing Tonic Treatment). In this way, bioactive molecules are conveyed to critical points and are able to work more effectively without wasting the product.

Constant and correct use 3 times per week counteracts hair loss, stimulates regrowth, thickens and lengthens hair. The condition of the scalp also improves visibly because Raycomb technology prevents the formation of dandruff, seborrhea, peeling and itching.

Raycomb is also practical, easy to use and portable. An outstanding hi-tech brush reproduces the effects of laser and PRP (platelet rich plasma) in a non-invasive way – right in the comfort of your home!



Counteracts microbial activity and strengthens skin’s immune system.

Ideal for irritated, sensitive skin and dermatosis.


Re-balances cell turnover, regulates dandruff and sebum secretion.

Reduces itching and stimulates the lymphatic system.


Increases mitochondrial (Biochemical Energy) ATP production.

Recommended for “hair builders”, it reactivates blood circulation.

It can be used combined with the Micro-vibrational Massage.


MICRO-VIBRATIONAL MASSAGE with application of the product 

Activates the dermal system.

Increases microcirculation and the supply of oxygen and nutrients.

Counteracts hair loss (weak and thinning hair).

Improves elasticity, silkiness, hydration and skin’s condition.

Eliminates skin micro-tensions that cause a reduction in hair vascularisation.


ION MODE (alternating positive/negative ions)

Transfers invigorating bio-molecules to hair base.

Stimulates acupuncture points and helps release energy to the scalp. Relieves pain.

Facilitates the elimination of toxins and free radicals.

Works on the polarity of cell membranes.