Baldness or seasonal hair loss?

Baldness or seasonal hair loss?

“Help! My hair is falling out!”.

We’ve all said this terrifying sentence at least once in our life.

We know that under normal conditions hair loss is physiological and seasonal but nonetheless we always ask ourselves the big question: “Will it grow back?”

  • 90 – 95 %  of a healthy person’s hair is in constant growth.      
  • On the other hand,  5 – 10 % of hair is inactive and ready to fall out. Fortunately, hair follicles function independently to ensure that our hair doesn’t fall out all at once. With the exception of people who suffer from alopecia areata. 

Whether slight or more accentuated, in its initial phase or ongoing, hair loss is something we all worry about. It threatens our self-confidence and our power of seduction. It’s an offense to our femininity or our virility. It could even become an obsession in our daily lives.

Losing hair, especially in autumn, is something that happens in harmony with nature.

The temperature decreases in autumn and the organisms of plants and animals react and adapt as such:

  • The leaves fall off the trees
  • Animals shed their coats
  • Human beings lose their hair.

We are not completely sure why this happens:

  • Some claim that we have simply genetically inherited it from mammals that “shed” their coats
  • Some experts assert that the shift between daytime and night time, which influences hormonal balance, cause premature hair loss
  • Others believe that the cause of the increase in hair loss is more psycho-sociological: work-related stress, hectic lifestyles, smog in the city etc.   In any case, hair has its own growth cycle (2-6 years) and turnover occurs about 20 times during our lifetime. In other words, every hair falls out and grows back about 20 times before follicles wither.

How can we tell if hair loss is a real problem?

We usually lose 30-50 hairs per day. If we lose more than 50 hairs per day and for a period longer than 6 months, it could indicate a progressive hair loss - especially if thinning is localised as follows: 


the top of the head, two frontal lobes and tonsure


the top of the head and temporal areas

Is there a way to counteract hair loss?

Anti-hair loss treatment

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