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The Hair Vitalizing Mask is the “nutrient supplement” formulated to compensate for and prevent the depletion that every hair is subjected to during its lifespan. Ideal for brittle hair whose diameter has worn thin due to permanents and colouring. It improves elasticity and thickens hair shaft by strengthening its structure.

It is essential to apply the Hair Vitalizing Mask after every permanent, colouring or discoloration in order to regulate hair’s surface. Moreover, thanks to its 4.5 pH acid level, it effectively eliminates any alkaline and oxidative residues. The mask also helps strengthen hair, intensify its shine and guarantee a lasting hold. Apply the Detangling Hair Cream before applying Hair Vitalizing Mask onto hair that has been processed or is hard to manage: it will be easier to comb and static electricity will vanish (brighter effect).

Hypoallergenic – Dermatologically Tested – Nickel Tested

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